God is Faithful
Amid the ongoing Coronavirus lockdown and uncertainties about Turkish military activity, God remains faithful and true. The last month has been a tough one but with His strength and provision we keep going.In this month’s newsletter, we wanted to give some of ICC’s beneficiaries the chance to share their thoughts and words of encouragement with you. Lockdown is a hard time for so many people around the world… perhaps for you too. You all have encouraged and supported your Middle Eastern brothers and sisters at ICC… (Thank you SO much to all of you who made donations to help us support them during this time! They are so grateful!) Now they want to encourage you in these challenging times. We hope their words will bless you and help strengthen your faith!Before we hand over to them, a quick update on the building project… ***
Progress on Healing Sanctuary

Despite the lockdown, work has continued on the construction stage of the healing sanctuary project. The roof is now on over the kitchen as well as bathrooms. Electrical cabling is going in, plumbing connections, internal walls, and hopefully soon it will be possible to start tiling. There’s still a way to go but we thank God that there is progress despite a national lockdown.Once that’s complete, we will need to dig the water cistern, install the solar panels and prepare rainwater collection areas. We also need to prepare areas for tent bases, to ensure they are kept warm and dry and comfortable! Landscaping after the construction, preparation for livestock (we hope to have a couple of donkeys!), preparing growing spaces, creating paths are a few of the things still left to do… but it will be a big achievement getting the construction work completed! Watch this space!If you would like to make a donation towards this, please click on the donate button or visit our  donate page. (There are details at the bottom of that page for donations by cheque or bank transfer.) C4B4E88C-CED4-484A-B6C0-FBBBB3405EA2***Reflections and Encouragement during Lockdown
We hope you will be blessed as some of ICC’s beneficiaries share with you their thoughts, reflections and words of encouragement, which they wrote especially for you.
Samira and Esmail
We had hard time in the last year, and we think God has used this time for changing us. Like a board, he erased everthing and again he is writing new things to our heart and we love this so much. The first thing I learnt was patience. The second thing was speaking to God – before we did not know how to respect God or to speak with him.It took a lot of time and we think after hearing God’s word and thinking, change started. We try to do what we hear – not only hear. We try to be quiet more. This is very important thing we learned for us – quiet. We learned to be quiet and then we could hear God’s voice and his kindness through people around us. Now we can see more beautifully around our life.Lockdown is teaching us patience patience patience. The really important thing we have learnt. Patience. We learnt we have to try for our life but we also have to wait for God’s plan. We believe that God’s plan is much better than our thinking. And all of this has given us more calm and peace.I have been in quarantine for maybe two months or more now (we had coronavirus and then got bad skin problems after). I have been struggling with all kinds of physical problems for a long time. I feel that these all have a reason. I wake up all night praying. Maybe God wants me to learn something. The night is very good for praying. I talk to God alone. I talked, I talked, I talked. I cannot say a word with anyone but God and now I feel much better. Thank you for your prayers for me. Please keep praying for me. I strongly believe in praying in the name of Jesus Christ.Without suffering, treasure is not possible. We have to be ready all the time. Jesus is coming back soon. When he comes we want him to be happy with us. All of this pain is not permanent – this life is not permanent.This is our advice for our lovely brothers and sisters in the name of Jesus. We are not alone. Everything will work out for good. Jesus is coming back. CE0FC0BA-643A-4E69-ADA5-3F86C1BF4DBC ***
M and Mina:
Last year we travelled a difficult route, crossing forests, deserts and the sea. It was faith and purpose in God that made us not afraid and we knew God would test his servants with hardship, but he would never leave us alone.This past year has been a time to grow in maturity and knowledge. The days of lockdown force us to study more and to become more aware of God. As a result, our faith grows stronger and stronger. This has been the biggest change I felt this year.We (mankind) must admit that man was too proud but a small virus brought man to his knees. Virus is just like sin. If we do not take care of ourselves and our behaviour, we will suffer from it. A healthy person becomes infected with a virus in connection with a sick person. This is also how sin spreads among people.Hardships have become part of our daily lives. But my message to my Christian brothers and sisters is that God does not leave his servants alone. These hardships will help you strengthen your faith. ***Mehdi and Zahra:
In the hardships of life, I have learnt to be silent first and not to complain and to wait and submit to God so that God will answer and do what is right for me. The only thing left for me is God. Therefore, my hope and support is always God because everything else is mortal and fleeting.During my time at ICC this year, I understood more and more of the bible better, especially the ways God wants us to behave and the important times and things to him. We want to do what is right and to be like Jesus. In this year when Coronavirus started, I learned not to be afraid of anything, especially death and to believe that God is our protector forever.I think Joseph’s life in the Old Testament is a good example for all of us in hardships and sufferings. We must always be in prayer and in God and in Jesus Christ. When we are in him we have joy and everything we need. It may be hard to do at some point, when we are weak, but with God’s help, and faith and prayer and effort, all things are possible.Leave all your worries to him because he cares about you. God loves you so much. AFD59175-E4E0-4D46-99E7-93BD91BAA03B ***A Prayer by Mandana
Dear God, the Great I AM,You are the only God, you are my Father, my safe rock, my support, the light of my hope. You are my true love, you are all love.I thank you for your rule over the world and everything in it. I thank you for being the Lord and master of our whole being and life.I ask you Lord to help us not only this moment but every moment. Help us to take our eyes off this world and keep our eyes only on you. I ask you God to guide our feet so that they follow in your footsteps.Forgive us for all in our old life and old ways… may our old ways die. We want to live in your life and blessing. Please grant us your wisdom, mercy, compassion, knowledge and love, even more than before so that we can live our lives in a way that is pleasing and glorifying for you.My God, help us to strengthen each other’s roots, and may we never cut each other’s roots. Thank you that you are like a good gardener and thank you that your only Son is the true vine.Amen that we are the branches of your true vine. May we stay forever, with the fullness of your Holy Spirit, producing your good fruits. May we not be dry and fruitless branches. May holiness and purity be our legacy from generation to generation. May we love one another as we have been loved by you.Thank you that whatever we ask in the name of the Holy One, Jesus Christ, you have answered by your grace and love, and have equipped us with the Holy Spirit.Amen, be glorified in holiness and goodness. You truly deserve to be glorified!
Amen! 4110F09C-E262-4B2F-B78E-615DECE5C360 *** Make a Donation Please remember us in your prayers!At the moment, we really need your prayers for strength, for wisdom and discernment, and for provision. The work is very demanding on every level, and the spiritual opposition can be intense. The challenges of Covid-19 measures are creating a lot of additional pressure. Please keep us, and all of ICC’s beneficiaries in your prayers ***   ©2020 Registered Charity No. 1170909 | 3 Newhouse Business Centre, Old Crawley Road, Horsham, RH12 4RU Preferences   Forward   Unsubscribe  
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