In these times of state and voluntary restrictions where our busy world has been changed, it is a wonderful time to schedule some more Bible Study and to learn and understand God’s Word better. Many of us are doing just that and learning new truths daily, but is God actually speaking to you?

It is so easy to listen or watch teachings from around the world and to hear their comments on bible passages and this is good. We can be amazed at how easy it is to get similar types of preachers and think that God is leading us in the correct way as they all affirm our beliefs, but are we hearing God speak, or are we even listening to Him. And is God leading us to these teachings oris it the computer algorithm showing us videos similar to the ones I have already watched. Who is guiding us?

A famous evangelist of years past was asked, how long do you spend reading your bible each day, and his reply was that he read until God spoke to him. It didn’t matter if this was a single verse or several chapters, he expected God to speak to him and unless this happened he was wasting his time. I, as many do, use bible reading notes each day. I do it as it is a routine and I need a discipline to get things done. That’s me, you are probably different. However, I know how easy it is to ‘do my bible reading’ and shut the book and tick that off. Often God does speak to me through this, but I don’t consider this enough.

In these difficult ‘end times’ (Mark 13:7) when nothing is normal and we are being buffeted by rumours, violence and disease, we can so easily be taken down alleyways that are very interesting but is not God speaking to us. We need to hear the voice of God very clearly at these present times, more so than any times in history and it is being at peace with the Lord and trusting Him to enter your situation, just as Paul did while in prison singing hymns and praises to God.

We need to follow the ancient practice of having a quiet time. Just God, the bible and you in a secluded space. Worship the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords and read your bible asking Him to reveal things to you and expect to hear from him. Videos are not part of this and commentaries only after God has spoken to you as you are being ‘still before the Lord’, relearning how to trust Him, pray with Him and Worship Him. Many of us did this when we were new Christians, managing 15 minutes or a full hour as we grew more confident and excited at what God was saying to us, but are we still so excited about our ‘quiet time’. It isn’t a matter of how long we spend with the Lord but how well we do it.

Prayer is the life blood of the Christian and while our whole day can be one long prayer, may I suggest that just as the Lord stepped aside to pray to his Father so also do we need to.

We need to be known for our Christian Faith not for our diverse views!



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