During the Christmas period I drove to Leeds to be with my family for the celebrations.

I had recently started an infection and given antibiotics for it.

On Boxing Day I set out home about 2pm hoping to be back before dark. Right from the onset the traffic was very heavy and after 30 miles on the M62 I began to feel very unwell and was shaking uncontrollably. As I was alone in the car I became rather anxious and at the same time the traffic slowed to 20 miles per hour. I at first thought of pulling over and calling emergency services but knew they were stretched to the limit so I continued. To my delight I saw a sign for a services stop 10 miles ahead so decided to persevere to that By now two lanes of the motorway were closed due to an accident up ahead so things were getting worse for me. I now realised that only one very special person was able to help and that is my Heavenly Father who never leaves us nor forsakes us so I called on Him in prayer to help me and give me the strength to get home.

At the sign for “services 1 mile ahead” there was an emergency notice ahead saying “motorway closed follow detour route” My heart sank but I continued to call on The Lord for His help.

We were diverted towards Rochdale a place I have never been and by now it was raining and very dark We crawled towards the town and by now I was getting desperate to stop .Suddenly in the pitch dark as I rounded a bend there in the sky was a bright letter M advertising a McDonalds restaurant near by. I followed the signs and finally was able to stop rest awhile and refresh myself.

What was to be a 2hour journey turned into 5 before I reached home.

The very next day on the news was a picture of the road in Leeds down which I had travelled and the street in Rochdale both completely under water The Lords hand had been on me all the way and He knew that I needed to keep going. I pray when you read this you will consider trusting in The Lord who never lets us down.


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