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Sermons (5)

7 - Coniah and the ring of Abandonment
Jeremiah 22:24 (Part of the General series).
Preached by David Earnshaw on 15th September 2020 (Special event).
1197 The Typology of the Threshingfloor
Jeremiah 51:33 (Part of the The Times We Live In series).
Preached by Anthony Royle on 30th August 2020 (Sunday Morning).
1161 Hungry for the Word of God
Jeremiah 6:13-17 (Part of the General series).
Preached by Billy Ainscough on 3rd November 2019 (Sunday Morning).
1153 The Fountain of Living Water
Jeremiah 2:13 (Part of the General series).
Preached by Aaron Royle on 8th September 2019 (Sunday Morning).
M18 Stand in the Thicket
Jeremiah 12:1-6 (Part of the Moriel series).
Preached by Jacob Prasch on 26th November 2010 (Special event).
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  1. Thanks for sharing. Years ago my mom would say “Life is a one time offer, use it well”.

  2. I adore it when folks come together and share opinions, great
    site, keep it up.

  3. vinnycommons says:

    Great story Billy ….God bless .. Vinny

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