The story is told of a Scottish preacher to whom a young woman came in great distress because it appeared to her that one of her deepest desires was not in the will of God, and she could not accept that fact, what should she do?

And so this wise man took from his pocket a little slip of paper, and he said to her “I’m going to write two words on this and I want you to go to the back of the church, sit down, and study these two words and cross one of them out, and come back and talk to me”

She took the slip of paper, she sat down, and she saw that he had written


Now which word was she to cross out? If she said NO then she would have to cross out LORD, because you can’t say NO and call Him LORD

Jesus said “Why do you call me LORD, LORD and do not the things that I say” Luke 6:46

But if she wanted to say LORD, she had to cross out NO.


Simple isn’t it? – But that is what it comes down to.


Taken from a talk called Holy Harmony part 2 by Elisabeth Elliot.



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