The Roman centurion was there

He saw the thorns dug in his hair

he saw the stripes upon his skin

The blood,the sweat, Christ giving in


He felt the burdens that he bore

Of all our sins,yours mine and more

He heard him reassure the thief

Who aknowledge Jesus as his chief

This day in paradise you will be

Becouse you have believed in me


He saw the family gather around

He heard the weeping mourning sound

He pondered deep upon this sight

His heart reacting to The Light

The Christ the sacrificial Lamb

He said this is truly the Great I Am


He felt ashamed what had he done

Taking orders to kill Gods only Son

He heard the words that Jesus cried

It is finished and they pierced his side


The sun went dark, the earth it quaked

And silence fell upon earths face


His heart felt pierced – a circumcision

His eyes were opened, he saw the vision

Of Christ  his now eternal King


He knew the truth had entered in

What now he thought were do I begin

This day from Herod I must depart

And seek my Saviour with all my heart

And so a disciple he became

Giving honour and Glory to our Messiahs name.




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